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Reciprocal Link Software

Ask and Receive™ by Steve Saroff of The EdifyGroup is an award winning, Spam-proof, reciprocal link freeware package that can be installed on any web site. Ask and Receive builds Link Popularity by letting you pick and chose high quality sites to exchange links with.

Ask and Receive™ includes the "gentle nudge" feature where you can add links to sites which you feel would be good link partners, and automatically "nudge" other web master's to then link to your site - doing something nice first is always the best approach.

Link Popularity is one of the best ways for any web site to become successful. The EdifyGroup, LLC offers commercial quality software tools freely to help bring internet visitors to yours and our web sites.

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Reciprocal Link software— Ask and Receive™ Award winning Spam Proof Software Created by EdifyGroup,LLC