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I have been developing software for 30 years — a life-long love affair.
"The technology is the easy part." ™

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Marketing — Software Development — a strong connection.
Most technology people can focus only on the technology: I can help you with your ideas and your company. I will build products for you that work and that can help make your company highly visible. Today, with the Internet, there are technical, honest, ways to reach a vast number of potential customers. I develop software which does this.

Have a big project? Let me know about.Need some quick help on something small? I can help you as well.
Ten years ago I started a company (FreeMail, Inc.) from a laundry room, closed a one million dollar software deal with Kinko's in the first year of business, and then sold my company to a global corporation (WAM!NET / MCIWorldCom). Since then I have continued to develop software I used to write in C and C++, but now develop with PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS, XML, because of the flexibility, efficiency and speed-to-market (affordability) these languages offer you.

I will work with your team or I will become the point person for you: I design, architect, project manage, write and deliver the code. I also create marketing and sales materials, and run marketing campaigns. Do you want the security of having more than one person working on your project? That too is straightforward. In addition to working alone I do marketing work through the EdifyGroup, a marketing company I co-founded with Ray Kang. And for pgramming, I have a strong network of professionals I work with.

If you want one hour of free phone consultation, send me a "Quick Look" of your company, project or idea.

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My latest marketing software release:
Ask and Receive,
a spam-proof reciprocal link management system distributed as PHP Freeware.
Spam-proof reciprocal link software. Freeware. Ask and Receive
2,000 downloads per week!

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"The technology is the easy part." ™

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