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Electronic component sites are here because ease of use, great service, and Excellent content.
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Radio Tracking
Saroff Consulting

Online Data

Datasheet Locator
"Datasheet Locator is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide."
Source for data and application notes on ICs. Near the bottom of their page by the "Design Resources" area.
Chipdir IC directory
Numerically and functionally ordered chip lists, chip pinouts and lists of chip manufacturers, manufacturers of controller embedding tools, electronics books, CDROM's, magazines, and more.
Transistor Cross Reference Database
Database with over 40,000 transistors in it which can be cross-referenced to other parts
Find Chips.com
Enter a part number (or substring) and FindChips.com will simultaneously query over 20 distributors, and return the responses to you in real time, in the order completed.
NTE Electronics, Inc.
NTE's great cross reference page. Semi's, Pots, Capacitors, Relays, and more.
SEMICONDUCTOR cross reference
Simple lists, useful.
Simple lists, useful.
Linear and interface and CMOS technology. Supplier. Great on-line Application notes and Design Info.

Odd Stuff and Surplus and electronic components
The Electronic Goldmine
"a company that sells electronic components, high tech items, robot items, electronic project kits, and many other fascinating items."
My favorite is their
Super Size Electronic Surprise Box

"Thousands of electronic and electromechanical parts and supplies at discount prices"
-- "Welcome to our ever-changing pile of incedible stuff at unbelievable prices." -- I agree. This place is great, and the catalog will make you laugh too.
"HSC Electronic Supply is the techno-tinkerer's premier high-tech shopping place... most of the engineers and technicians in Silicon Valley know about us."
Fair Radio Sales Company Inc.
Military & Industrial Surplus Electronics.
Great prices.

"Website is packed full of hard to find surplus electronic & hobbyist type items."
A buyer and distributor of new surplus electronic components. Located in Aurora, Illinois
A vast amount of surplus. Such things as WWII phone hand cranks and Satfind Satellite Beacons... Interesting place.
"Surplus Shed buys, sells, and trades government and other surplus and used optical and electronic items."

Suppliers/Catalogs - New products and parts
Many of these suppliers have printed as well as online catalogs. Visit the sites and request a printed catalog.
Small-order friendly sites:  
Stocking distributor of new components. Carries most of the product line of National Semiconductor, Burr-Brown, Linear Technology, Maxim, Microchip.
"KitsUSA.us is the leading supplier of Educational and Electronic Kits in the United States today."
Mondo-tronics' Robot Store
"Our mission:
to search the world
and bring you
the best in robotics."

The Hardware Store for Researchers & Developers
Large Distributers:  
Stocking distributor of new components. Better passive components selection than Digi-key. Semiconductors are generally industry-standard parts made by a specified manufacturer.
Huge distributor of new parts, searchable database.
Another huge distributor of new parts
Parts and tools. Good online catalog
Parts and tools. Good online catalog.
A few single listed items:
A good source for breadboards
Another good source for breadboards

Circuits, Schematics and Projects
An Archive: "a site devoted to expanding the availability of circuit designs to engineering students, and even engineering professionals"
Schematics From Australia
Total schematics: 1693
Last updated: 24-February-2003

"For your electronics hobby entertainment; enjoy."
"A small collection of electronic circuits for the hobbyist or student. Site includes over 100 circuit diagrams... Most of the circuits can be built with common components available from Radio Shack or salvaged from scrap electronic equipment."
designed by Tomi Engdahl

Theory, Practical Tips, Miscellaneous
"An Online Guide to Useful Electrical and Electronic Information"
Excellent overview and lots of neat schematics.
Using an oscilloscope
Basics of using an oscilloscope.
Good diagrams.

Excellent basic electronic articles (Including the one on oscilloscopes above!)
A nice tutorial.
A Great site filled with information. Do you remember Kirchhoff's Voltage Law?

Strategies to Repair or Replace Old Electrolytic Capacitors


Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ


Control of Stepping Motors


Radio Tracking and Direction Finding
Radio Direction Finding
Ever lost a model rocket?


Tiny Homing Transmitter


Tiny 144 Mhz transmitter


Transmitter schematics


Radio Direction Finding (RDF)


Books and Magazines

Everyday Practical Electronics Online
A commercial site, selling a subscription to "the world's first Web-delivered hobbyist magazine for electronics and computer enthusiasts, with construction projects for beginners and experts in each issue," from the UK and not well known in the States.
Opamp Catalog, a book store.
Technical books, with many professional electronics titles. Better organized selection then Amazon.
Robot Books.com
"Our job is to sort through the many robotics books available today, and select, review, recommend, and sell, just those few that we feel are the very best."

Just two Great Link pages

Amateur Radio Society of India

The best amateur radio site in the world. Well prsented and up-to-date. What a link site should be.
The Guru's Lair
The best grabbag of knowledge I have ever stumbled across, a lot of electronics, and a lot of everything else too.

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