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I give free consultations on projects which I feel might have merit. However, I am not interested in employment or hourly work; I am intersted in equity stakes in solid ideas.
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I started programming as a kid when it was about as financially rewarding as knowing how to fix lawn-mowers; I started coding because I loved it. I started building companies for the same reason.

Computers and the net are really all about communication.
Technology is the Easy Part
. Listening and knowing how to share my technical and business experiences are my key skills.

Portfolio Highlights of
Steve S. Saroff
RemoteScan® software allows imaging devices and scanners to be shared on networks.  RemoteScan Corporation was boot-strapped, with no investors and without debt, by Steve Saroff and Glenn Kreisel. RemoteScan had over 20,000 corporate customers located around the world when it was acquired by Quest Software (QSFT) on May 5th, 2011.
iCloseBy LLC. Founded in 2007 by Glenn Kreisel and Steve Saroff, is a software development company which develops wireless social networking products and applications for Apple's iPhone and touch products. Currently, iCloseBy's applications are among the most downloaded iPhone apps in the world.

Cynical and Jaded
CynicalAndJaded™ is Steve Saroff's and Glenn Kreisel's Idea Development Group which looks for high-tech talent in need of start-up advise and seed money.

WAM!NET is a registered trademark of WAM!NET Inc., Image used with permission

WAM!NET - For three years I was director of Internet Development for this global corporation (once a partner with MCIWorldComm -- arrgggg), and became responsible for overall design and implementation of company's web site, as well as being involved in the company's over-all technology, software that I helped deign and implement was used by Time Warner, the BBC, Sony, RR Donnelly, Quad Graphics, etc. etc. Check out for more of the story...

Kinko's FreeMail Inc., and Kinkonet - FreeMail(software which Glenn Kreisel and Steve Saroff wrote, and which was our FreeMail,Inc. company which we sold to WAM!NET/MciWorldComm) was licensed to Kinko's as the original Kinkonet. I also helped in the early focus of Kinko's global web site and document delivery strategy.
Alpha Graphics FreeMail Inc. and Alpha Graphics - FreeMail was also used for AlphaGraphics'Alpha Link Direct worldwide document delivery system.

Burning Man

45+ of my photos are used on the Burning Man web site. A fun festival and a great web site to be part of. I occasionally am involved with design discussions with web designers here. All free, all fun. Even when it is 105 degrees in the shade...

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Short stories of mine that have been published over the years...

Steve Saroff resume. And lots and lots and lots of other programming over the years....