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Create your own Spam Revenge page to post on your site.
This program will generate a list of random, fake, email addresses.
These fake email addresses will be found by 'Spam-bots' and will dilute Spamer's email lists.
This will cut down on the total spam we all receive. Use as often as you like to generate new Spam Revenge pages for posting.

Use this program to generate a completely formatted web page to copy and paste on your web site.

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  Generate fake email addresses using these domains (leave un-checked to only use non existant domains):

@yahoo.com @freemail.com @aol.com
@hotmail.com @freemail.jp @freemail.org
@freemail.au @freemail.nl @juno.com
@compuserve.com @msn.com @ibm.com
@lycos.com @netscape.com @oracle.com

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